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標題: Cheap Bridal Gown [打印本頁]

作者: yungfourfour    時間: 2013-9-26 14:41     標題: Cheap Bridal Gown

Do you guys mind to share your opinion/ experiences on finding cheap wedding gown (new, used, tailored) or kwa?  I checked a few websites and and saw a few beautiful ones, but I am still hesitant to get one.

Thanks again
作者: Quest    時間: 2013-9-26 19:24

Congrats! would be bride!

While I don't have any thing to share other than to tell you that we had a wedding package (tux and gowns provided by Suzanna), we don't have to worry about storing the gown afterwards, or finding ways to pass it on (give it up, sell it or else) long after the wedding. We are happy as a clam as a result.

作者: fibbi    時間: 2013-9-27 00:47


I bought my own gown just because I don't really fit in (or look good) in Asian size gown from the rental/photograph package) due to my size... >_< Otherwise I would not buy...

But anyway, I would suggest you to try out in the bridal store, there are sample sales at times...sometimes seeing and wearing are totally different thing...
作者: Nam    時間: 2013-11-20 09:00

Congrats! I have been looking at light in the box and dressilyme for wedding gowns... buyer reviews are great but ... since my wedding photo package included a wedding gown, I don't think I will buy one..

I force myself to go to amara to try on their gowns to kill my heart on buying online and now I am a happy bride to be     They told me they will have lots of new gowns coming in two months... and will increase lace gown (my preference)

If you worry about size, I think with Amara, you pay extra $300-400 (I can't remember exact amount) to have it custom made...

I would suggest you going to bridal stores in New West to try out different gown, sometimes it's hard to tell which type of gown would fit your body figure.  It might look plain on the rack but it may turn out great on you.
作者: Nam    時間: 2013-11-20 15:22

This might help you on custom dress online ... ... art-2#axzz2lEMgtDyv

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